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Posted by Ian on May 15, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Well, well, well... We meet again, dark topic of abortion.

So, you all have heard the lies and whatnot from Pro-Choice lovers that "sometimes it is necessary to have an abortion." Well that statement, is incorrect, and it also should be worded differently, such as this: "Sometimes it is necessary to kill the baby" because, that is what it is folks.

If you, or anyone around you has heard the stories saying abortions can save lives, you are sadly misinformed. This has never been proven to be a medical treatment for anything that a Mother is dealing with. At times, a Mother could die during pregnancy and procedures have to be done to save the Mother, and unintentionally these procedures can kill the baby, but that is not an abortion, because the child is not intentionally harmed for the reason of getting rid of a child.

Too many Pro-Choicers have used that reason against Christians, and to be honest, it's time to stop.

Why is it time to stop you may ask? Well simply because, they are defending murder.

...What was that you say? It's murder? Yes, it is the taking of an innocent life for a selfish reason.

I pose this question to Mothers... Look at your children, and ask yourself, "With what I know now, given the right circumstances, would I have gotten an abortion?"

The answer, is no.

If you answered yes, I strongly suggest that you see a psychiatrist, because that's just simply... scary.

The majority of Mothers would answer no, to be honest, because they know what a joy their children really are to them.

I know what you are saying, "But who cares about Mothers who already have children? They don't matter! They made their choice, and they have to live with it, I can make my own choice for my own body!"

Well let's be honest, honey, it's not your body that you are making a choice for.

The fact is, you are ending a life that has never really started. A life, that could change the world, a change that we need... but you killed it, and the blood is on your hands. That feel good? Nope.

Let's look at some facts here, with help from our good friend Todd Friel-

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